Saturday, August 31, 2013

A tribuute to a great matriach of our family

Lola Upeng had to struggle through life. Her husband, a recaudador municipal (Municipal Treasurer) in Mampising, Mabini and Pindasan, died due to sudden unexpected nocturnal death. She was left to raise 5 children on her own.

She was around 30++ then and her youngest child my mom was only 7 years old. She knew that her life would be difficult. But she was willing to take the sacrifice so that her children can live better lives.

She spent the next 3 decades of her life facing the harsh realities of poverty and inequality. Still she was able to send my uncles and aunties to big universities in Manila except for my mom who was the youngest and Mama Nene my Auntie who preferred to stay home with Lola and assist her. All finished with honors and special citations.

 Most people who reach their 60s and 70s stop working and start living the rest of their lives like they were on vacation. This was not the case for Lola Upeng. For her, retirement was never an option. She tend to her small farm without any qualms or assistance from any of her children.

At 70 years old, she was still taking care of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She did not want to leave the care of the ones she loved in the hands of other people. She walks around the farm refusing to use her baston.

She was a woman of discipline. My mom, uncles and aunts always recalled how Lola Upeng would give them the stick to make them behave better. I think she was successful in doing so since all of her grandchildren are now living honest and happy lives.

Lola Upeng did not finish school. She only finished Grade 6 but she was as eloquent  in English and Spanish. She even boasts of her teaching skills and most of all her embroidery.  She left us, her family, with no material wealth. But she left something greater and more lasting - her legacy - a life of meaning, responsibility and giving.

She was a giver. More than life, she gave her family an example to follow. Through her, my family learned the value of perseverance, hard work, determination and most of all, faith.

She was a classic example of an ordinary person who lived a heroic life. She was victorious in all the challenges that life gave her. She stood strong after every storm of life. She was passionate in whatever she does as long as she has her tobacco.

In her last days, I know that she was happy and fulfilled. She saw all her children and grandchildren attain the better lives she dreamt for them. She lived to see 3 generations of her family - a feat that most people only hope to achieve.

I only shed tears of joy and gratitude for the generous life that she lived. It was a blessing to have been part of her family and to have learned her story.

After 97 years of hard work, she now, at last, came back to the presence of her Creator. But perhaps, she still won’t stop working. Knowing how she loved us, I know she’ll guide us through everything we will face. She would have been 101 years old come December 12, 2013.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost everyone has experienced a bad case of acne at least once in their lifetime. Though acne is common during a person’s puberty age where one is subjected to high hormone levels causing changes in the sebaceous glands, one in every five women with ages between 25 to 40 suffers from adult acne. Suffice to say that acne is the most common skin-care problem for people around the world regardless of a person’s gender, age, or race.

Acne may come in different forms. It may appear to be whiteheads or that simple blackhead, or the more severe form called cystic acne that would certainly leave behind acne scars when cysts eventually fade. The common places for acne to happen are on a person’s face, neck, chest, back and upper arms.

Traditional Methods of Treating Acne Scars

Traditional Chemical Treatments

There are very few traditional chemical treatments in the market today that have been scientifically proven to work. Two particular herbal treatments that have been clinically proven to help stop acne and treat its scars are the tea tree oil and the green tea cream.

The Tea Tree oil is a natural oil derivative from a Melaleuca alternifolia. This variety of tea tree is found exclusively in Australia and other subtropical regions in South East Asia. It has been a traditional aboriginal treatment of Australian natives who has been traditionally using this kind of medication practically for just about anything because of its anti-bacterial properties. Just applying several drops of the oil directly on the acne has shown to be the most effective way to diminish acne scars.

Another traditional chemical treatment is the Green Tea which is found to possess Catechins or  tea flavonoid that are natural anti-bacterials. According to a study carried out by Dr. Jennifer Gan-Wong in 2003, through regular use of green tea creams, a person’s complexion and appearance can lighten and improve. Its properties are similar to benzoyl peroxide based creams but have fewer side effects.

Traditional Alternative Method

For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have used acupuncture to treat acne. A patient’s channel of energy is balanced by inserting needles in specific points in a patient’s body to relieve any imbalance that caused the acne outbreak. Acupuncture offers a holistic approach in treating acne while improving a patient’s overall wellness state. Each acupuncture treatment is customized according to a person’s need or pattern of diagnosis. In severe cases, a traditional medical practitioner would often require Chinese herbs to subdue the underlying causes of the acne outbreak in the patient’s skin and relieve the skin from scarring.

A well balanced diet is also required in traditional alternative medication.  When food is not properly digested in the body, a person’s spleen is overworked and it releases toxins that destabilize the body’s harmony. Eating greasy, spicy, and heavy foods disrupt the function of the spleen in digestion that can lead acne flare-up.

A diet that involves squash, cucumber, celery, carrots, lettuce, potato, papaya, cherries, dandelions, pears, raspberries, persimmons and watermelon would truly help alleviate acne while preventing toxic accumulation in the body.

Remember, a person’s food intake is reflected on the condition of his skin. By making healthy dietary choices, the body is nourished from inside out. So take that step to wellness to avoid acne problems in the future.

How to Appreciate Yourself

Take extra care in making comparison of yourself with others. as this will sometimes make you feel good or even inspire you to improve in some way. But sometimes it can make you overlook what's truly good about yourself and cause you to feel bad. Think about times when you've done something good. Include those times when you've made a difference to somebody else by being helpful, kind, or thoughtful. Take part in activities that make you feel good such as hobbies, reading, sports, or spending time with good friends. Don't be so afraid of failing that you're not willing to try something new. New experiences can help you grow and discover wonderful new things about yourself. When you do fail at something, don't get down on yourself. Think about what you can learn from the experience and how you can do better next time. Think about things you do well. Take pride in your successes. Remember, the most important thing about people is what we're like inside, not what we own or what we've accomplished.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fast and Easy Payday Loans

Sometimes, our paychecks are just not enough to carry on our immediate emergency expenses. To ease the pressure on family finances, many people avail of Payday Loan Programs which offers fast and painless ways to answer the need for immediate financial solution.
Payday Loan program is basically short-term cash advance available for consumers who wishes to avail of their next paycheck to answer urgent situations that requires immediate cash. With the help of the internet, this loan program is faster and more cost-effective in comparison to other loan programs that require personal face-to-face transactions. Payday Loan borrowers can easily access of the loan program in the privacy of their own home or office.
Payday Loan application processing are done online anytime, day or night, weekdays, weekends, and even holidays. Even without fax machines, the payday loan borrower can obtain of the loan service through online streamlining. Applicants just need to fill-out the payday loan application forms and submit it online for payday loan direct lenders review and approval. Within minutes, requests are processed, approved and accessed through the payday loan borrower’s bank account.
All information supplied on the online application of developed payday loan companies are treated confidential especially the borrower’s bank account and payment information. The payday loan applicant’s previous financial transactions or bad credit records do not count much to avail of the payday loan program. In fact, applicants with bad credit history are still welcomed to apply of this loan program since these direct online payday loan companies don’t usually check on applicant’s credit history records before approval of payday loan applications. The loan-able amount is determined by the amount you receive in the last six (6) months paycheck.
This simplified loan program truly saves time and makes the procedure of applying discrete, fast and easy.

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For Eden Ridge Promotional Material


The abundant greenery of tropical plants, pines and fruit trees define this mountain weekend get-away home.

Boasting a beautiful cool climate and picturesque mountain scenery,Eden Ridge is a beautiful tranquil place to be when one needs to escape the hassle and bustle of city life, where air is clean and scent of pine hangs in the air like perfume.

A drive going to Eden Ridge gives the feeling of serenity, relief and calmness. On just about any given day,you will find a smattering of clouds hovering directly above the Eden Ridge making the air is much cooler in the afternoon when shadows change the colors of the mountains sun retires. The nights are star filled and give warm feeling of being close to nature. Truly the best location of your planned week-end home.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 6th year Anniversary!

It's already January 12,2011, our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary. Its early dawn and I've been trying to write somthing signifiant for my "Hubba-hubba" because surely tomorrow I will be too busy with the kids and the cooking...and I just cannot afford to buy him anything. I don't know what were going to do together tomorrow??? I just wish he found time to plan everything out??? but it doesn't really matter much. I dont care anymore, as long as we get to do things together, it would just warm my heart enough.
so here goes nothing....

Dearest Hubba,

When it became "us" in 2003, I had no faith in love or myself. I wasnt expecting much either having been through much hurt in the past...I've got everything down and snap! just like that, my world was never the same...That's why when I turn to you and hold your sweeeeeet face and look searchingly into your eyes and say "Holy Shit, dear, can you believe it? we've been married for 6 years already???"

I find it amazing how 2 annoyingly weird couple can withst the odds together, and still manage not to slit each other’s throat?? When I look back and think of how far we've gone together, I can’t help but recall all the frustrations and regular fights we have, your unending agitations over my opinions, ideas and reactions that its almost impossible for us to make both ends meet, My ala CSI/007/NCIS/Criminal Minds investigations whenever I'm confused and flooded with doubts, the times I've been speechless crying over the imperfect cards and bouquet of roses you gave me because I was secretly expecting for something a little bit mushier, the different special birthday you come up with every time far better than I could ever come up with to show how much it matters to you to make me smile, or the time you said nothing at all as you pulled me to you for comfort when everything seem to fall apart...I learned to toughen up and learned to read the silence.

I won't say you complete me, because that would be utterly cheesy and untrue, but I would say that you have changed in more than 8 years we have known each other. I know it wasn’t your choice, you weren’t always like this...we've become/developed into this and we keep developing alongside each other, not stuck to each other but going the same direction.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Letter na naging article because I never sent it...good grief!!

Due to insistent "ever kulit" demand by my friend Len.I have to re-publish the letter that eventually became an article, that I made that was accepted by Women’s Journal Magazine, a loooong looong time ago….10 years ago I bet???? I made this obnoxious letter that I didn’t even bother to send to the person who is the recipient of my unfathomable feelings… it “Young careless unrequited loves...” an attestation that nevertheless I’m not a tyrant… so are you! You’re perfectly fine!!! Life doesn’t stop when you fall...things happen to toughen you up for further complications ahead... so Len, kaya yan…

It’s not planned but it happens. One time or another, we all have gone through being wickedly scarily in love with someone…di ka nag-isa sa iyong kahibangan. Just let go… who knows, maybe you’re ought to be with somebody else or perhaps…soon maging kayo pa rin ng iyong “Edward Cullens” (Twilight ba??!!). A better a more responsible him only for you his “BELLA”. Just wait and let the tides bring you to where you would be the happiest…

You mean THE WORLD to me... you are the first thought in my head in the morning when I wake up; my last thought before I go to bed. You smile at me in my dreams... when you are sad, I feel sad, and when I see you smile, I feel incredible, like there is no other thing around and all I can see is you.

I love way you look at me, your gorgeous smile, your funny walk, your forever watch, your beautiful eyes the sound of your laugh..... I love the way you get mad, i love the way I don’t understand you at all. I love the way I can be having the worst day of my life and seeing you completely changes my mood. I love how your presence makes me weak and vulnerable, I love you so profusely that it feels heavenly.

That’s my problem... You've got this girl, head over heels in love with you. She'd do anything for you. But for some reason, you don't want to see that. You know it's there, but you just won’t accept it so you try to make her go away. -- Maybe this girl is soooo perfect for you and that really scares the hell out of you, doesn't it?

IT'S REALITY...and sometimes reality is the hardest thing to understand and the thing
that takes the longest to realize. But once it hits you in the face you'll never forget it. It will always be there in your memories and sometimes that is the best way to look at it.
In this weird twisted way, I know you miss me liking you, being the "doormat" who's always waiting for you... not because I want to believe it's true, but because you’ll never find a girl that can put up with you like I did; you'll never find a girl who will care as much as I did, because no one will ever come to waste all their love on someone like you, like I did.

I keep thinking of how much I love talking to you...How good you look when you smile. I've memorized your face & the way that you look at me..
How much I love your laugh that I day-dream about you off and on, replaying pieces of our conversation; laughing at funny things that you said or did..
I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine.. I wonder what will happen the next time we are together & even though nothing will come out of this....its hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in any way you think of, you just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while some good things never last.